Hello! Here's news of the forthcoming first CD in my new recording project, MUSIC of IRELAND. The whole series will showcase vocal and instrumental music heard in early modern Ireland between the years 1500 and 1800. It is the first ever undertaking of its kind and brings together the passion and expertise of some of the best historical and traditional Irish musicians, with some of the finest international early music performers.

Vol. 1: The Kingdom of Ireland 

This is the debut recording of my group, The Irish Consort. It is the first CD to try to recreate the sound world of 16th century Ireland and presents reconstructions of some of the oldest surviving Irish music together with repertoire which would have been familiar to the Tudor English colonists living in the plantations and inside the Pale around Dublin.

Many of the tracks include the sound of my early Irish harp and I'm also joined on the recording by twelve of Ireland and Europe's finest historical and traditional singers, and performers on lute, viols and recorders.

You can find more information, and see the promo video for my fundraiser, here.

I would be very grateful if you can support this project either by helping me to fund it or by spreading the word to anyone you think may find it of interest.  Thank you!

AuthorSiobhan Armstrong