Music, Ireland and the Sixteenth Century

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This recording could not have been undertaken without the generous assistance of the following organisations and individual supporters. I thank each one of them heartily and sincerely for enabling me to undertake this project. Míle buíochas ó mo chroí!


An Chomhairle Ealaíon (The Arts Council of Ireland). Produced with generous funding from the Arts Council Music Recording Scheme, managed by Music Network.


 John Elwes


Jane Carter, Bill Unger


Bill Haneman, Bill McJohn 


Karen Loomis, Maura Walsh


Maria Cleary and Davide Monti, Brian Harten and Louth County Council, Tomoyuki Kida, Pat Looby and Fethard Historical Society, Pattie Moore, Cathy and Nigel Robson


 Jan Muyllaert, Elke & Hermann Rieth and Achim Hoyer


Ivor Browne, Laurence Cummings, Minnie Fraser,  Hannah Hookes, Axel Klein, Janet Kurnick, Jeanette Ligouri, Peter Lindstrom, Damien Loughnane, Brenda Malloy, Mícheál Ó Geallabháin, Fran O’Rourke, Gilly and Alistair Ross, Ashling Slater, Keisuke Teramoto


Rod Alston, Ana Lucia Barbosa, Barra Boydell, Petronella and Peter Clifton Brown, Ronan Browne, Brian Callan, Patrick Cannady, Maria Caswell, John Clancy, Brendan Corkery, Peter Duffy, Ruth Fanshawe, Minnie Fraser, Bill Galloway, Juliane Greene, Malcolm Greenhalgh, Scott Hayes, Ryuichi Higuchi, Gillian Horrocks, Freya Jansen, Duncan Kimpton, Sara Lackie, Frank Lawrence, Brian Manners, Geraldine McDermott, Joe Mcjohn, David Melanson, Peter Moddel, Colleen Moore, David Neary, Lauraleen O'Connor, Bernie O'Reilly, Nick O'Sullivan, Sarah Owens, Audrey and Walter Pfeil, Christine Rolin, James Ruff, Xavi Sabata, Mark Smith, Elaina Solon, Roy Stanley, Jeremy Sterling, Yasushi Takatsuki, Tim Thurston, Michael Tracy, Francesco Walter, Lyndall Wann,  Damien Whiteley, Russell Williams


Anon., Karen Auriti, Naomi Baird, Dorothea Baker, Noemi Belanger, Nick Blitz, Fiachna Ó Braonáin, Niamh Carty, Sharon Carty, Martin Casey, Finghin Collins, Mary Siegle Collins, Gearóid Ua Conchubhair, Deirdre Dowling, Freddy Eichelberger, Victor Eijkhout, Rhona Ní Fhógartaigh, Agustin Prunell Friend, Therese Gansle, Marja Gaynor, Roger Hamilton, Maeve Hennessy, Ann Heymann, Kathy Hillis, Nancy Hurrell, Yannick Kadvany Hochuli, Hitomi Kanayama, Katarina Kezeric, Rafal Kuc, Jonathan Manson, Susanna McAdam, Jacqui McKinnell, Katie McMahon, Brendan McMahon, Danette Milne, Susan Morley, Maire Murphy, Daniel O'Hare, Seán Pól Patton, Sue Phillips, Constance Quinlan, Eamonn Quinn, Hannah Roberts, Julie Rokseth, Maarten Roos, Doc Rossi, Cindy Schaufenbuel, Mick Seaver, Jane Winchester, Cynthia Wood

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Lindsay Armstrong, Floriane Blancke, Clare Bracher, Simon Chadwick, Mairead Duffy, Brian Feehan, Israel Golani, Catherine Jones, Patricia Larkin, Gary Lynch, Pat Marshall, Kate Monahan, Sarah McMahon, Walter Pfeiffer, Orpha Phelan, Terry Phillips, Marian Rabbitte, Lucy Reid, Andrew Robinson, John Rogers, Jack Ross, Lynda Sayce, Lauren Scott, Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin

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