Hello everyone! After a busy week working on my Fundit campaign to fundraise for my new CD: Music of Ireland Vol. I: The Kingdom of Ireland 1500-1600, I'm delighted to announce that we've just passed the 40% mark! This is thanks to all you wonderful new funders adding to the generosity of those who have supported the campaign over the last few weeks. And let's not forget the efforts of those of you who are helping to publicise it. 

The campaign ends only two weeks from today and we're far from home and dry yet. I don't like to point out that, unless I reach my target, I don't get any of the money pledged so far, but that's how Fundit works.

Could I ask you to consider supporting it, if you haven't already done so? Could I also ask you to 'share' it (again!) on Facebook, Twitter etc., post it to relevant FB groups, and/or email three friends whom you think might find it of interest?

You can see and hear the project here.

Thank you so much for your help. Siobhan x

AuthorSiobhan Armstrong